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Well Done, My Love. | Allied Women

Well Done, My Love.

I wrote a status on Facebook last week that talked about how being a mom and wife are enough. Enough to fill my AWwelldonetime. Enough to suck my energy. Enough to make me fall into bed at the end of the day tired and fulfilled. And yet every week I pour myself into other things too. I lead a Bible study group, I write blogs. I have meetings and coffee centered around social media, non profits and freedom. People often tell me they don’t know how I do it all and I am often speechless because honestly I have had a hard time articulating the ‘how’ or ‘why’ I do all that I do. But recently as I sat in a living room surrounded by women who speak for those who have no voice, I looked in their eyes and we were the same and I could suddenly articulate my ‘why’.

I don’t do all that I do because I feel a lack. I don’t do all I do because I need something else or I don’t have enough. I am not trying to fill some void or gain the approval of people. I do not desire a plaque that says “Super Woman, You Can Do it All” because most of the time I feel like I am barely making it minute by minute.

I do all that I do because it is what God has given me to do and it is what he has equipped me to do. When I follow him into the extra, into the places where I know I can’t do it on my own, into the ministry where I am inadequate and under-qualified and into the relationships that make me want to cry because I can’t fathom their pain but my heart breaks anyway. It is in those places, in the over and above my own strength and what I have in myself, it is there that I meet the Savior. It is there that I learn about his provision. It is there that I see his glory, his strength, his way. It is there that our hearts collide.

Right now I am sitting by myself in a coffee shop full of people but I imagine you, friend, sitting across from me. As I write these words your eyes mirror mine with tears brimming because I know, like me, there are some days you are so spent and you feel so inadequate.

Sweet women of God, you are chosen, purposed, filled, used, sent out, empowered, enabled, equipped, strengthened, treasured by the Creator. He knows your name. He sees your heart. He honors your love, your passion and he is using you for his glory.

Kari and I talked about the difference between weariness and tiredness in a Monday Morning Minute recently. Weariness is relying on our own strength, doing what we see needs to be done and trying to do it all not depending on or listening to the Savior. Being tired is spending ourselves on behalf of those whom God has given us. It is saying yes to the things he calls us to when we know we don’t have the time, energy, emotional capacity or training because he is bigger than all of it and he wants to use us.

Do you see and feel the difference with me?

“Don’t grow weary in doing good..” Galatians 6:9

“Spend yourself on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed…” Isaiah 58:10

If you are weary today – run back to the arms of your Savior. Relinquish the things he isn’t calling and equipping you to do. If you are feeling spent and tired, rest in Jesus. Let his strength and love fill you and continue to work in and out of you. He is smiling on you, whispering in your ear, well done my love. Well done.


my pic1Stephanie Page is a wife to one very supportive man and mom to three beautiful girls. With a background in foreign and local missions, youth and women’s ministry her heart is to see people living their lives in the freedom purchased for them on the cross. She spends her time as a speaker, writer, bible study leader, human trafficking advocate and conference planner. She is the author of two books, “It Started with a Blog” & “Preparing for Christmas”. She is also co-founder of Allied Women. Her favorite things are hanging out and serving with husband Chris, speaking on Freedom and snuggling with her girls. You can find her blogging at www.simplyfaith.us and www.storiescafe.org as well as on Facebook & Twitter.


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