Too Dangerous For Most to Go

Too Dangerous For Most to Go

Every day I have to shut my eyes and close my ears to the truth of how bad things are in the world. I have to, or I will not be able to function.

With child slavery at an all time high the images play in my mind, invade my dreams, and overwhelm me.

Grotesque and violent people doing unspeakable things to others. Doing it to children. Doing it for their own sick pleasure.

The stories go beyond rape. They go beyond forced labor. They go beyond…

They go to a dark sick place of torture, horrendous, unspeakable torture.

They go to war torn places of desperation where children are a commodity and compassion is lost.

The stories come from places the news won’t talk about. Places too dangerous for most to go, and where resources are few.

Those are the places ONE organization is committed to going to.

That organization is Make Way Partners.

Passionate to go where children are at most risk and with the fewest resources, Make Way Partners is led straight to the heart of war, civil conflict, extreme poverty and lawless lands where hunger, disease, poverty and war work hand-in-hand with traffickers’ plans to prey upon the vulnerable. The mega money-making machine of human trafficking preys and profits most savagely upon widows and orphans living in the midst of war, extreme poverty and remote isolation. Even the children who may survive hunger, disease and war lose parents and are left to fend for themselves.

So Join the battle against Human Trafficking today and support Make Way Partners. You can sponsor a child, give to the organization, buy Freedom gear, share their blog stories, or use your social media voice to share their cause.

I also recommend you check out Kimberly L. Smith’s book Passport through Darkness. Kimberly is the founder of Make Way Partners and this is her story of how God called her to this hard purpose.

passport through darkness

Let’s be a voice to end Human Trafficking! Let’s be a voice that says we are no longer going to shut our eyes and close our ears to it.
Thanks ladies… We Love you!

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