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Stories Cafe

Have you ever had a moment in your life where all excuses seem futile and everything you have been holding back from suddenly you give into and you say that is it, I have to do something!

Stories Cafe was born out of one of those moments. I was reading a book with my mom about children being LOGOtrafficked in Spain and other children dying by falling out of trees in Africa and I said that is it. I don’t care that I have no money and I am in debt. I don’t care that I have no idea how to fix this issue and I have little to no knowledge. I have no idea how I can do anything, but I know that I can no longer sit here and do nothing.

In that moment I truly surrendered and told God that I was ready. For me, this time, a big God idea was born. An impossible idea. An idea that started and continues to grow in the throws of uncertainty and sacrifice. I feel that the places I have sought security, the places I have found my worth are being pummeled so that the only place left is in Jesus. As I see what he is dong in us, through us, in spite of us I feel like I am having an out of body experience.

What is Stories Cafe? The vision of Stories Cafe is two fold.

1. To be a presence in the local community. People are starving for community. Are you? Because I sure am. Real, authentic community. Stories Cafe will be a place where the community can come in and be loved. Loved through events, loved through good (real, organic, non GMO) food, loved through service. A place for moms, kids, business people and everything in between.

2. Spread awareness. The proceeds from Stories every week will go to a different organization that is fighting this major issue of human trafficking. Along with that Stories will be a place where the community can connect with non-profits both locally and abroad. Human trafficking along with other social justice issues are overwhelming. We often don’t know what it looks like to fight these issues in our day to day life. At Stories Cafe, when you buy a cup of fair trade coffee or bowl of soup you will be taking the first step to making a difference in stopping these issues.

This is a big vision and it has become my heartbeat.

In order to see this vision become reality, we need you. We need your prayer. We need your financial partnership. We need your business management skills, your budget making skills, your lawyering skills, your event planning skills, your printing skills and I could go on. Will you join us? Pray for us? Share us? We need a an army. We need a community.

Can this be your “do something” moment?


my pic1Stephanie Page is a wife to one very supportive man and mom to three beautiful girls. With a background in foreign and local missions, youth and women’s ministry her heart is to see people living their lives in the freedom purchased for them on the cross. She spends her time as a speaker, writer, bible study leader, human trafficking advocate and conference planner. She is the author of two books, “It Started with a Blog” & “Preparing for Christmas”. She is also co-founder of Allied Women. Her favorite things are hanging out and serving with husband Chris, speaking on Freedom and snuggling with her girls. You can find her blogging at and as well as on Facebook & Twitter.


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