Soul Care.

Soul Care.

The last year I have been learning a lot about soul care. I need to take care of me if I am to be in a good place to be soul care blog post 1used by God. In fact, when I am not stopping to take the time to sit in silence, snuggle with my kids, hear from God, rest with my husband, laugh with a friend, watch a TV show (yes, even that!) then I become reckless driven by emotions of exhaustion and urgency instead of grounded by the peace that comes in resting in the promises, plan and presence of Jesus.

What does soul care look like? Soul care looks like many of things that I mentioned above but mostly soul care is taking the time to quiet your heart before your Savior. This could take the traditional route of an hour in the morning or evening of quiet and solitude, but for many of us the seasons in our lives make this time of quiet with Jesus take on different looks depending on where we are at. Quieting my heart before Jesus happens in the shower, happens when my kids are sleeping in the car in the afternoon, it happens while I nurse or rock my baby, it happens when my 6 year old reads to me out of her chapter book or my four year old prays on the way to BSF.

God isn’t legalistic. He cares about you, your life and your heart and he wants to be apart of your thoughts and he desires to guide your actions day by day, minute by minute. The beautiful thing about soul care is that Jesus meets us where we are at, in the midst of whatever season we are in and he is gracious to refresh our souls, reveal himself and use us to touch others.

We are starting a Soul Care journey at Allied Women for the month of November, will you join us in taking moments throughout your day to quiet your heart before Jesus? He is waiting.

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