We are women. Mothers. Wives. Sisters. Daughters. Friends.  We give. We serve. We want to be effective. We are asked to do too much. We carry the burdens for our failures. We worry, we fret, we exhaust ourselves. We cry out…

“Lord am I doing enough? Am I doing it right? Am I using my life the way you want me to?  Am I serving you where I’m supposed to?”

The questions swirl around our head… and the enemy accuses us. “you aren’t effective enough with your children”, “You aren’t a good enough witness with your family”,  “You should do more, be more, be farther down the path…. You are a failure”.

The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy us, our marriages, and our children. What can we do?

We need peace that surpasses understanding. We need rest. Soul rest. The type that can only be found in one place. At the feet of Jesus. We need to know who we are IN him, and remain in that place of peace while the world spins around our heads. We need to learn how to stand in peace at the center of our lifes tornado.

Join Allied Women this month as we care for, pray for, and focus on our personal relationships with Jesus. As we learn to abide IN him and His word. Rest with us this month in his presence and be encouraged as we hear who HE says we are.

Join us for  the month of November for Soul Care and draw your life closer to Jesus.

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