Real Help

Real Help

She had a right to be angry. But it was the grief and utter sense of loss that broke my heart for her.

Her marriage was coming to an end. Her husband didn’t care to try. And she was heartbroken.

His words were hurtful, he was unreasonable in his demands, and pushing her into a corner that she had very little choice about. Either divorce, or live with his blatant sin. She wanted to save her marriage. She wanted him to consider their life, their children, their many years together.

As she poured out her heart and tears to me I wanted to help her. I wanted to have the words that would solve her problem. I wanted to say “here is your answer, just apply it and it will be fixed”. Praying for Family Books

But there is no such thing as an instant fix in marriage. And my words have no power.

She saw his sinfulness, his turning away from their faith. She saw his utter lack of desire to be who God had called him to be. This man who once knew his savior but who had turned his back in anger and defeat on the only one who could bring him peace and restoration.

He publicly, unashamedly, embrace tempting things this world had to offer. Mocking her, mocking the God he once served.

She prayed against what he was doing and hoped for God to change his heart.

Many of us do the same. What if we started praying God’s word FOR our husbands rather than just praying against their actions?

I only had one answer for her. God’s word.

  • Because I KNOW that the only power that is real comes from God’s word.

  • Because I KNOW that Gods word will NOT come back void.

  • And because I KNOW that praying FOR our husbands through scripture, agreeing with what God has already said he wants for our husbands is a billion times more powerful than complaining about his sin to God.

It felt like a divine appointment because at that very moment our book “Praying for your Husband through 1st Timothy” was at the printer! I desperately wanted to put this book in her hands. To give her something tangible to do. But it had not yet finished printing.books at conference

Today we are so excited to announce that we finally have the printed copies of “Praying for your husband through 1st Timothy” and “Praying for your kids through the book of James” — Woo Hoo!! {doing the happy dance!}

And you know my very first copy is going straight into this woman’s hands!

What about you? Perhaps your story isn’t one of near divorce. Perhaps you would just like to see your husband walking fully in the calling God has for him? Perhaps your husband needs to be a stronger spiritual leader in your home? Perhaps he needs God to work a miracle in his heart.

Get your copy of Praying for your Husband through 1st Timothy or buy one for someone who is struggling in their marriage, or just wants to see God move mightily in the life of their husband.
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