Preparing for Christmas Day 20 – Set Apart by Truth

Preparing for Christmas Day 20 – Set Apart by Truth

Read: John 17:17-20

Did you know that Jesus prayed for us? He was praying to God that we would be made holy, or set apart, by his truth. That we would go into the world to share this truth. That is why he came to the world. This is what we celebrate at Christmastime. His sacrifice makes it so we can know truth, be set apart by truth and share the truth. Truth is important because truth sets us free and that is exactly what Jesus came to do, set us free.

Preparing for Christmas Day 20


1. What is the truth that we are taught and are suppose to share?

2. Is it hard to share the truth of God’s word to others?

3. How can God help you share his truth?

For Parents:

Talk about ways that God has given you to share his truth. Share with your family how God’s word has continually been making you holy and setting you apart. Share why it is important for you to know and read God’s word and apply it to your life.


Dear Lord, thank you for giving us your word so we can know truth and be made set apart by your truth. Please help me to know your truth and to share your truth, especially at Christmastime. Amen.




           >Paper or cardstock

           >Hole punch


Make a bookmark to use in your child’s bible or devotional book! Cut out a rectangle from the cardstock, and decorate it with markers, sticker, etc.

RiHe-2013ThurstonFamily59Simply Sisters from Simply Faith

Laura and Steph are the sister duo behind Preparing for Christmas. Laura is a pre-school teacher/ Youth Pastor’s wife and Steph is a mom, speaker, writer (and half of Allied Women). Together they write for Simply Faith. A site for young women and the women who mentor them. The site posts short devotionals 3 days a week and a blog post one day a week.

We are sisters, 6 years a part, youth pastor’s daughters with a passion to see people know Jesus. We have many faults and know our deep need for a Savior. We’ve found that the secret to surviving this life is found in the pages of the Bible. We’d love to have you join us at Simply Faith!

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