Preparing for Christmas Day 2 – Answered Prayer

Preparing for Christmas Day 2 – Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer


Luke 1:5-19

Matthew 3:1-6,11-12

Zechariah and Elizabeth were not young anymore and they had been praying for a baby for a long time. How happy they would be to know that their prayers had been heard and they would have a son. But instead of happy, Zechariah wasn’t sure he believed the angel. Even though Zechariah doubted, God still gave them a son, named John. He was filled with God’s Holy Spirit and told people Jesus was coming to prepare them for him. God’s timing to answer Elizabeth and Zechariah’s prayer was perfect.

Preparing For Christmas Day 2


1. Have you ever prayed for something?

2. Does it encourage you to know that God hears your prayers (v.13)?

3. Do you ever have trouble believing that God hears and answers your prayers?

4. Did God still answer Zechariah’s prayer even though he had trouble believing?

5. Does God always answer our prayers at the exact time that we want him to?

For Parents: Share with your children a time when God didn’t answer your prayers right away or in the way you wanted him to, but it ended up being for the best. Encourage discussion about how God always hears us when we pray, even when we feel he doesn’t give us what we ask for right away.


Dear God, thank you that you hear our prayers when we talk to you. Help me to understand that your way and timing is best . Help me to know that even though I don’t always feel like you are answering my prayers that you are. I trust you and thank you for listening and caring for me. I want your best plan for my life. Amen.



        *Pipe cleaner

        *Small jingle bells

Put the bells on the pipe cleaner and bend the pipe cleaner into a bracelet. Let this be a reminder that God always hears our prayers.

RiHe-2013ThurstonFamily59Simply Sisters from Simply Faith

Laura and Steph are the sister duo behind Preparing for Christmas. Laura is a pre-school teacher/ Youth Pastor’s wife and Steph is a mom, speaker, writer (and half of Allied Women). Together they write for Simply Faith. A site for young women and the women who mentor them. The site posts short devotionals 3 days a week and a blog post one day a week.

We are sisters, 6 years a part, youth pastor’s daughters with a passion to see people know Jesus. We have many faults and know our deep need for a Savior. We’ve found that the secret to surviving this life is found in the pages of the Bible. We’d love to have you join us at Simply Faith! 



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