Preparing for Christmas Day 17 – New Life

Preparing for Christmas Day 17 – New Life


John 3:16-17

1 John 5:11-13

Sometimes when we see bad things happen like people dying unexpectedly, tornadoes and floods we think that God must not love us because if he did he wouldn’t allow these things to happen. These things are often results of us living in a world that is full of sin. Because Adam and Eve chose to disobey God and we choose to disobey God bad things happen. But like we saw yesterday God loves us and that is why he sent Jesus, not to condemn the world but to save it and give us real life forever.

Preparing for christmas day 17


1. How has God shown his love and protection for you and others even when something bad has happened?

2. Can you see ways that our disobeying brings bad things on us?

3. Will you thank God today for choosing to make a way to save those who choose to believe in him?

For Parents:

Talk about what “condemnation” means. Discuss how bad choices bring consequences. Talk about how sins affect on our world. You can even go to Genesis 2 and 3 to see what we were created for and how the choice to disobey created a harder life for us.


Dear Jesus, I realize that because of my sin I deserve to be punished. Thank you that instead of sentencing me to die you instead sent your son to give me life forever. Help me to live a right life for you. Amen.


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Our sin separates us from God, but Jesus has made a way. He is the only way. Draw two cliffs that are separated by SIN. Put us on one side and God on the other side. Then draw in the cross. It is impossible for us to get to God or heaven without Jesus dying on the cross.

RiHe-2013ThurstonFamily59Simply Sisters from Simply Faith

Laura and Steph are the sister duo behind Preparing for Christmas. Laura is a pre-school teacher/ Youth Pastor’s wife and Steph is a mom, speaker, writer (and half of Allied Women). Together they write for Simply Faith. A site for young women and the women who mentor them. The site posts short devotionals 3 days a week and a blog post one day a week.

We are sisters, 6 years a part, youth pastor’s daughters with a passion to see people know Jesus. We have many faults and know our deep need for a Savior. We’ve found that the secret to surviving this life is found in the pages of the Bible. We’d love to have you join us at Simply Faith!

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