Preparing for Christmas Day 14 – Future Hope

Preparing for Christmas Day 14 – Future Hope


Matthew 2:13

Life isn’t easy for us and life wasn’t easy for Jesus, Mary and Joseph either. There are two sides just like in any fairy tale or superhero story. Good and evil. God had a plan to save the whole world from their sins, things they have done wrong, and Satan, his enemy, thinks he is better than God and wants to beat him. Thinking that you are better than God is called pride. Herod, in his pride, wanted to be the only king and that is why he wanted to know where Jesus was so he could kill him.

Preparing for Christmas Day 14


1. Is life hard for you sometimes? Can you share what is hard about life?

2. How do you see that there is good and evil in the world?

3. What do you think it was like for Jesus, Mary and Joseph to meet the wise men and then have to leave to live in a new place?

For Parents:

Talk about how life is hard but Jesus coming to Earth and saving us means that it won’t always be hard. When we believe in him and go to the place he is preparing for us (Heaven, like Eden in Genesis 2) life won’t be hard anymore. Satan’s end is sure. He was defeated when Jesus died and rose again. When Jesus comes the second time Satan will be defeated for good!


Dear Jesus, I understand that life wasn’t easy for you just like it isn’t always easy for me. Help me to live life with my thoughts on what comes after this life, a forever life with you. Thank you for coming to this world so that I can spend forever with you in Heaven. Amen.

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