Preparing for Christmas Day 12 – Seek Him

Preparing for Christmas Day 12 – Seek Him


Matthew 2:1-12

Jeremiah 29:13

That star must have been pretty special to draw such wealthy and learned men to Bethlehem to see a child. God has always included all kinds of people in his plan. A young women for a mother, a carpenter for a father, an innkeeper for a renter, and the guests? Wise men and shepherds, although not all at once. It is the same today. God and his plan doesn’t exclude anyone. His gift is offered to all kinds of people. No matter who you are the star still draws us today.

preparing for christmas day 12 - seek him


1. God says in Jeremiah 29:13, if you seek him you will find him when you seek with all your heart. What ways can you seek God today?

2. The wise men traveled very far and it took them a long time to get to Jesus. Jesus wasn’t a baby in a manger anymore. Do you think Mary and Joseph were surprised when they showed up?

3. How does this encourage you that God is real and that his gift of salvation is for everyone, especially you?

For Parents:

Talk about how old Jesus might have been when the wise men came to see Jesus. Have a conversation about how Mary and Joseph must have felt when the wise men came to their home. Talk about why the wise men didn’t go back to Herod but instead went home a different way.


Dear Jesus, thank you that if I seek you I will find you when I seek you with all of my heart. Help me to seek you every day. Help me to not let other things get in the way of seeking you. Amen.

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