Preparing For Christmas Day 1

Preparing For Christmas Day 1



Isaiah 7:14

1 John 1:1-2,14

The name Immanuel means, God with us. It speaks to us of a personal, present God. He isn’t a being that is flying around in the clouds who pays attention to us only when we do really good or really bad. He cared enough about us, his creation, to come to this world and live among us. Not only did he live among us he also died for us so that we could one day live with him forever in a perfect world that he is preparing for you and me right now. Jesus was more than a baby in a manger. He was and is God, Immanuel, coming to live among people on Earth so that he could one day take their punishment.

Preparing for Christmas Day1


1. Does knowing the meaning of the name Immanuel change your picture of who God is?

2. How did God come to live among us?

3. What does 1 John say about The Word?

4. Who do you think The Word is?

5. Do these verses make you think of Jesus and Christmas differently?

6. Do you think Jesus is still with us today? How?

For Parents: Share your thoughts with your children on the truth that God came to the Earth to live among us and that he is still with us today. How can these truths help us prepare for Christmas?


Father, thank you that you aren’t a being who doesn’t care about us. Thank you that you are personal and you chose to come and live among us so that we could know you. I pray that we will notice your presence everywhere. That as we prepare for Christmas, we will be thankful that you are personal and loved us so much that you took our punishment and are preparing a place for us. We love you. Amen.


Immanuel necklace


*Construction paper or cardstock


*Ribbon or string


Cut a heart out of construction paper or cardstock. Punch a hole on the top of the heart, and put some ribbon or string through the hole. Make sure this is long enough to fit around your child’s neck. On one side of the heart write the word “Immanuel.” On the other side of the heart write “God is with us. “

RiHe-2013ThurstonFamily59Simply Sisters from Simply Faith

Laura and Steph are the sister duo behind Preparing for Christmas. Laura is a pre-school teacher/ Youth Pastor’s wife and Steph is a mom, speaker, writer (and half of Allied Women). Together they write for Simply Faith. A site for young women and the women who mentor them. The site posts short devotionals 3 days a week and a blog post one day a week.

We are sisters, 6 years a part, youth pastor’s daughters with a passion to see people know Jesus. We have many faults and know our deep need for a Savior. We’ve found that the secret to surviving this life is found in the pages of the Bible. We’d love to have you join us at Simply Faith! 



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