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Pouring in and Pouring out | Allied Women
Pouring in and Pouring out

Pouring in and Pouring out


Silence where all you hear is the electrical hum of the refrigerator. The quiet ticking of a clock. A distant car going by. A moment of peace and rest from the loudness and demands of the day.

My heart stops, and listens to this unique non-sound, and I marvel at its restorative powers. It’s a stolen moment before it all begins. A rare moment of uninterrupted thought. And in that moment I bow everything I am before the king of the universe and peace washes over me and covers me like a warm blanket.

There are no words spoken, by mouth or spirit. Just a speechless submitting of wills. A holding still to be filled up.

I am in awe at how little of this precious silence and bowing it takes for me to feel changed.

I bask and drink it in. I crave more.

The dog whines first, letting me know that she is ready to come in the house. Soon I hear a child stir, then cough, then rise.

My quiet retreat has ended in less than a minute, but it has restored my peace.

And this, I realize, is what I am missing. Silence, peace, both inner and outer. And a journey begins. A journey to understand what it feels like to remain in Jesus in the midst of the busy and how spending myself will fill me more.  The Word says his peace surpass all my anxiety. I have to experience it for myself to fully understand that this promise is real, and is for me. That this is truth I can touch.

Oh elusive peace in the women’s’ home, and in the woman’s heart. We are the peacemakers who so desperately need peace for ourselves. We are the ones who try to solve arguments, make things fair, happy and comfortable. We are the comforters – comforters who need a big dose of comfort. We are the reassurers. Making sure everyone knows they are important and loved.

And this promised peace and comfort is for you. It’s for me right in the midst of our busy.

Drink it in O my soul! Drink it in – Take all he will give you – All you can take. Then pour it back out to those waiting for you. To those with demands and needs and hungry spirits. Those who need to take from you to learn how to take from the Lord themselves. Those the Lord has given you to pour into.

pour into me Lord so I can pour into others

Because we will spend ourselves today. Whether what we spend comes from chunks of our own flesh, or from the abundance of a Holy Spirit filled soul. It all rests in one decision. The decision of to whom or to what we have bowed that day.

We cannot spend what we don’t have. We cannot give anything of value without the discipline of holding still in silence to be filled up.
Jesus…. teach me to hold still to be filled by you.


Kari Day | Allied Women Co-Founder Kari Day is a woman passionately pursuing Jesus in her everyday life…stumbling and falling along the way. She is the co-founder of Allied Women, a community of women helping women to pursue God’s purpose for them. Kari is driven by a passion to see women change the world for Christ by living fully in the purpose he has created them to live. She blogs about living life intentionally and abiding in Jesus at KariDay.com and Allied-Women.com She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three kids, golden retriever and new kitten she recently rescued from under the house. You can connect with Kari on Facebook.


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