Monday Minute – Let’s Build a Bridge

Monday Minute – Let’s Build a Bridge

Welcome to the Monday Minute

We think it’s time to have a serious discussion. A discussion about the ever-growing gap between the generations of women and our Titus 2 responsibility of mentoring the generations coming up behind us. This is a task that we believe is growing more and more difficult as culture and society changes to rapidly. How do we relate when our worldviews… even our Christian worldviews…. are so different? Where do we begin? How do we reach the younger generations in a world that is increasingly becoming anti-Christian?

Kari Day and Stephanie Page are beginning the conversation today by laying the foundation to build a bridge of understanding. Join us in the comments below or on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear your perspective on this topic.


Kari Day and Stephanie Page

Allied Women Co-founders


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