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Kicking off Missions Fridays | Allied Women
Kicking off Missions Fridays

Kicking off Missions Fridays

We’re excited to be introducing Missions Fridays on the Allied Women’s blog!

Friday will be a day to celebrate people living on mission! We value people living the call of Jesus to extend grace, mercy, and love to the world around us. Every Friday we’ll champion an individual or organization on mission to engage this world with good news.

At Allied Women we want to encourage you to live on purpose. Our hope is that you will be inspired by the individuals and groups living by faith and working to make a difference around the world. We invite you to partner with them in prayer and support, and to join us in celebrating what God is doing through his people.

This week we’re excited to introduce you to CausePub!

 Writing for a cause: Crowd publishing for impact

Griff Hanning started CausePub as a crowd publishing company that publishes books to benefit a cause. The idea is that CausePub creates a book project, partners it with a cause, and invites people to share their stories for the project. The stories are voted on and the top submissions will be included in the book. The book is then sold online and the profits divided between the storytellers, the CausePub team, and the cause itself.

The current book project is called Couch Rebels. They are inviting people like you to share stories of adventure about a time you stepped outside of your comfort zone to live in bold faith. Essentially stories of a time you rebelled against your couch and the couch potato lifestyle for something more fulfilling. The Couch Rebel project has been paired with Blood: Water Mission. Blood: Water Mission is made up of some amazing individuals who have chosen to look beyond themselves to make a difference in African communities. The sale of the book will help provide communities with clean drinking water which is critical for their health.

You can be a part of this awesome project! If you have a story to tell of a time you got off your couch and embraced a challenge you just might be a couch rebel. It could be a time that you braved the discomfort of a new culture and went on a mission trip. Or it could be a little closer to home where you saw a problem and tackled the solution; perhaps opening your home for a foster child, visiting an elderly person in the nursing home, working at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

You can join us today in celebrating those living on a mission by taking a moment to pray for the work CausePub and Blood: Water Mission are doing. You are also invited to participate in their work by submitting a story to the book project. And you can pass word along to a friend, a missionary, or adventurer with a great story!

Maybe you have a story in mind but are unsure where to start in writing it down. That’s no problem because CausePub has a team of ghostwriters willing to help you write your story!

Take a moment to visit CausePub to learn more about their project and how you can be involved. And watch out for more great Mission Friday’s coming your way!

beckBeck is passionate about encouraging women to use their influence for other women and has written the ebook Sister to Sister; A Mentor’s Handbook. It’s a privilege to serve in ministry with her husband and homeschool their two children, Max and Maggie. Beck is the Director of Online Community for CausePub and is also the founder of Mercy’s Refuge, an outreach to the vulnerable of Serbia. You can connect with her at her blog The Accidental Mama, or on Facebook.

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