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Finding Your Purpose – Creating a Mission to Live by | Allied Women
Finding Your Purpose – Creating a Mission to Live by

What does God really want you to do with your life?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Weary? Exhausted? Over committed? Do you sit and wonder how you got to where you are? Is your sleep interrupted by your to do list, do you end each day feeling like you didn’t accomplish what you needed to? Do you desire to walk in purpose but the calling in your heart seems unattainable or do you feel like your current life circumstances leave you too drained?

Allow us to speak truth into your weary heart and give you practical steps that will allow you to get quiet before God and hear him clarify your purpose and the mission he has called you to.

KARISTEPHWe are Stephanie Page and Kari Day co-founders of Allied Women and we want to invite you to join us on a journey to creating a life mission you can live by.

We are so glad you are here! We have been praying for you. Praying that God would touch your heart and lead you to his will for your life. We have been praying that you will have clarity in your purpose and that you would see yourself through His eyes, His love, and His strength. You are precious to him.

There was a time not too long ago when we struggled with knowing where God was leading us. We came to realize that many of us don’t feel confident in the direction we are going and are are asking “what does God really want me to do in my life?”.

That is why we made this program. This process helped us tremendously when we needed clarity and we believe by going through our questions and self evaluation you too will narrow your direction, and have a clearer plan for your life, business and ministry. You will see what is truly important to you and begin to understand where God may be calling you. When you begin to see God’s direction for your life unfold and you start to walk in it you will experience his peace like never before.

All journeys begin with a step and a direction. And this is where we are right now, starting with where you are and helping you to take your next step with purpose.

In this class we will talk about:

Week One: Listening to and reconnecting with God.

Week Two: Discovering who God has Created You to Be.

Week Three: Discovering what God has Created You to Do.

Week Four: Refining your life mission and planning Your Next Steps.

Is this course for you?

It is common in our culture to think in terms of “someday.” Someday when I have enough time, or money. Someday when I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish. Someday I will really do what I’m called to do.

The problem is; we never have enough of those things, and for much of our culture, “someday” never comes. It’s a trap and a lie. We are not promised tomorrow. Time is short. Today is the day we must be be intentional about what we are doing. Because faster than you can possibly imagine, life will be over and you will be standing before God, giving an account for your life. So you tell us…. is this course for you?

Some things you will gain in this class:

* A clear life mission statement so you will know where you are going.

* Application to see how your life mission fits into what your called to do day by day.

* An action plan to stay energized in what you are created to do.

*Confidence to take your next life steps with purpose.

*The ability to say yes to what supports your life purpose, and no to what doesn’t.

*Encouragement from two women who have been where you are a million times over!

Finding Your Purpose – Creating a Mission to Live By

Who are Kari Day and Stephanie Page?

023We are friends who live 1/2 the country apart, lovers of Jesus, and the co-founders of Allied Women. We have skyped uncountable hours, sent a million Facebook messages and built 3 different communities together. We have been up and down on our own Purpose Journeys and all the mistakes we have made, struggles we have had and failures we have experienced have refined and continue to refine us. These things are what has birthed what you see as Allied Women today.

Out of our pain both personal and professional God has lit a fire in us to see women rising up and living in their purpose. We can remember, all to well, times of frustration, loneliness and floundering as we attempted to find who we were and what God was shaping Allied Women to become.

Our desire is to encourage and equip you with practical things you can do to refine your purpose and mission. As we walked the hard road of purpose a turning point for us was to become more focused on who God has created us to be and what he has created us to do. Finally someone spoke words to us that changed our path, and set us on a course to what God desired for us to do. Out of that struggle, that place of full surrender God showed us how to strip away what isn’t him, and how focus on what he has planned for us to do. This class is what God showed us in that time and is what changed the course of our walk from striving for approval to living IN HIS Approval.



Finding Your Purpose – Creating a Mission to Live By