Fierce Freedom

Fierce Freedom

If you find yourself in the Midwest states of Minnesota, Wisconsin or Illinois maybe you have heard of the growing non profit organization, Fierce Freedom. Fierce Freedom was born out of Fierce Beauty a for profit organization started by Jenny Almquist and her husband that sold scarves with proceeds going to places like the A21 Campaign and International Justice Mission. Soon, however, people were knocking on their door to advocate for the victims of modern day slavery and to speak and share about the horrors locally.

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Now Fierce Freedom is a 501c3 organization that goes into schools, churches, events and conferences spreading awareness and speaking for those without a voice. Being based out of Wisconsin they are also informing legislators about the issue of human trafficking and fighting to bring their state up to the place of Minnesota and Illinois when it comes to the law.

To learn more about Fierce Freedom’s story you can check out this interview with their founder Jenny Almquist.

To join them in their work, head to You can still buy a scarf or two (or three!) in support of their work. If you live in the Midwest host a scarf party or contact Fierce Freedom to come speak at your school or church.

There are many great organizations fighting human trafficking. Google human trafficking in your city and find one near you.

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