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Combating the Green-Eyed Monster | Allied Women
Combating  the Green-Eyed Monster

Combating the Green-Eyed Monster

One moment we are full of purpose, doing what we are meant to do, and the next the snake comes and points out something we don’t have. Just like he did to eve in the garden. His tactic is still the same, because it still works.

We listen to him for a moment and just that fast we begin to question who we are and how we measure up to others. It starts with a seed of insecurity, matures with comparing, and becomes full blown Jealousy. Coveting. Wanting what others have.

Jealousy is a green-eyed monster deceivingly cloaked in beauty.

Jealousy will kill your ministry - 4 ways to Combat the Green-Eyed Monster

Jealousy is what the Devil had for God. He wanted to be God. He was the most beautiful creature adorned in every precious stone, he was exalted above all other creatures, and yet he wanted more. He wasn’t satisfied with what God called “enough”.  (Ezekiel 28:12-18) In Isaiah 14:12-14

How many times have we not been satisfied with what God has called ‘enough’ in our own life?

Jealousy slaps God in the face for the amazing gifts he gives to us.

Jealousy is a worthless pursuit that will cause certain death to our ministry.

God does not allow room for it in what he want’s to do through you.

We can not seek to be like Jesus and ignore the 10th commandment.

So how do we combat this crafty, alluring, green-eyed monster? Fortunately God always makes a way.

4 ways to keep yourself from becoming jealous

1. Be in his word. – If jealousy is rooted in insecurity, than we must become secure in who God has made us to be, and believe that his gifts to us are good. Rather than think we are always missing something. That means we’ve got to be in his word. We’ve got to know who he says we are and hold on to it for our dear lives!

2. Thankfulness – Find reasons to thank him for what you have every single day. Read Ann Voskamps blog and be inspired to be thankful for everyday things.

3. Worship. Worship is focus.(Beth Moore) I can’t add more to this. Worship is focus. Don’t just  wait for Sunday morning to worship. Practice worship everyday. Amen!  Here are two of my favorite YouTube songs to worship to… Kim Walker – How He Loves Us   and  Jenn Johnson -Come to Me

4. Obey him. It’s as simple as doing what he says. The bible says that those who love him will obey him. We need to put action to our faith and be doing what he already has told us to do in the bible.

It’s not easy in today’s world. Social media feeds the green-eyed monster  with perfect images of homes, and clothes, and cooking, and people. It causes us to see more of what others are doing and can make us feel “less than”.

We can’t hide in a hole, but by doing those 4 things above we can keep ourselves focused on God and the amazing thing he want’s to do through us. Because friends… You have not been forgotten. He has great plans for YOU.

Question: What situation makes you begin to feel insecure? 

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