A Father’s Day Sale! A Baseball Book for $6.99 – Half Off, Just for You!

A Father’s Day Sale! A Baseball Book for $6.99 – Half Off, Just for You!

In honor of Father’s Day and the men that make up our lives we are partnering with Chris Page from Living Up to My Name and offering his book on Christian professional baseball players for 50% off today through Monday.

A Little About the Author

Chris is a sports blogger who blogs about athletes, their faith and how they are living it out and using their influence to touch those around them. In a world where celebrity is misused and culture seems to be going down fast the stories Chris finds highlights people who are making choices and taking stands for the good. Check out all his posts on athletes from every sport at his blog Living Up to My Name. Also Chris is a husband to our very own Stephanie Page, father to their three girls and passionate about children’s ministry.

A Little About the Book

Living Beyond the Game is a book that highlights 15 Major League booklet-5.5inx8.5in-h-frontBaseball players who are living their lives for more than baseball and the temporary glory that goes with it. Interspersed with their faith stories are thoughts on how the way they live their lives by faith can inspire and encourage us to do the same.

Don’t Miss It!

Allied Women is excited to be partnering with this ministry and to be bringing you Living Beyond the Game for half off it’s regular price! Bring hope and encouragement ┬áto the sports fan in your life and get your copy of LIving Beyond the Game today!

*** This will not be shipped before Father’s Day. Sale ends Monday and the book will be shipped within 2-3 business days***



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